Is your organization capable of adjusting its energy transport volume at request? Do you have one or more connections in an area with congestion? In that case, participation in congestion management would be a good way to contribute to having more transport capacity available in the electricity grid. Even with transport capacity that's still awaiting approval to get from the waiting list, it's sometimes possible to participate!

Why participate

As customer of a grid operator you'd expect for them to utilize the electricity grid to its full potential, ensuring as much capacity as possible is being made available. But you'd also expect the reliability to remain on par. By participating in congestion management you contribute to both goals, with financial compensation in return. Offering flexible transport capacity is the precondition to allow additional capacity over the current grid safety limits. Having the insurance of this steering mechanism avoids unwanted situations where emergency measures need to be affected.


Congestion management starts when from the investigation follows that it's possible, in part based on contracts signed with participants during investigation. Even before the grid operator starts a congestion management investigation, you can already start your preparations. Find out what technical, contractual and organizational possibilities you have to make your energy usage flexible, whether its consumption or production of electricity. It might be sensible to see what flexibility might be developed over a foreseeable period of time, also considering perhaps the fluctuations in energy pricing. Also advisable would be to investigate the possibilities regarding congestion management, by going through the model contracts for example.

If interested in possibly participating, you can advertise this using our registration form. This can be done at any moment, but is especially relevant when the grid operator is conducting a congestion management investigation for your area.

Contact with the grid operator during congestion management investigation

A grid operator will look at the registered interested parties during its congestion management investigation, but also contact parties proactively. An important consideration in this process, is whether the available flexible power matches the congestion problem. For instance, congestion due to excess of solar production can't be solved with flexible wind production, as these have different characteristics. Or congestion due to simultaneous electrical vehicle charging can best be addressed using the flexibility within the same area.

Participate as grid user, as CSP or via a CSP

Participating in congestion management as a grid user is possible through a capacity constraint contract. Would you rather participate through the GOPACS marketplace for flexible power, a Congestion Service Provider (CSP) role is required. This could be you acting on your own behalf or you could join an existing CSP tasking it to represent you. A CSP might also enter into the earlier mentioned capacity constraint contract.

Want to participate as grid user? Register using the form and perhaps contact your own grid operator.

Want to participate by joining a CSP? Look through the register of certified CSP's to select the party that you'd want to do business with.

Want to become a certified CSP?

Then you must register in the Market Participant Register in order to proceed through the entire process. The three steps are explained below.

  1. Request CSP certification from TenneT: this is required to register as a Market Participant.

    TenneT is the grid operator that performs the evaluations for CSP authorisation.

  1. Register with EDSN as a market participant

    Once you have obtained CSP certification, you will be referred to EDSN via Partners in Energy for registration in the Market Participants Registry.

    Correct registration of all parties is essential in order to safeguard secure access to the central systems for regulated processes and other services in the energy market. To submit the registration as a CSP, you need a means of logging in from eRecognition (eHerkenning) with a level 3 security level. You will receive feedback about the submitted registration within four working days

  1. After registering as a CSP you must go through a pre-qualification for each connection if you want to submit bids via GOPACS. After your registration in the Market Participants Register, you register on the GOPACS platform. To have the pre-qualification done by the grid operator, you submit a list of connection(s) to the GOPACS platform. The grid operator will inform you about the results of the pre-qualification.

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