Congestion common information

Congestion Service Providers can register starting from 25 November on Partners in Energie

Congestion Service Providers (CSPs) can register starting from today – 25 November 2022 – on Partners in Energy. A central register (At TenneT and also published on the TenneT website) of certified CSPs is necessary to make the required data available and to be able to perform various (market) processes in the context of congestion management.

Want to become a certified CSP? Then you must register in the Market Participant Register in order to proceed through the entire process. The three steps are explained below.

  1. Request CSP certification from TenneT

    TenneT is the grid operator that performs the evaluations for CSP authorisation.

  1. Register with EDSN as a market participant

    Once you have obtained CSP certification, you will be referred to EDSN via Partners in Energy for registration in the Market Participants Registry.

    Correct registration of all parties is essential in order to safeguard secure access to the central systems for regulated processes and other services in the energy market. To submit the registration as a CSP, you need a means of logging in from eRecognition (eHerkenning) with a level 3 security level. You will receive feedback about the submitted registration within four working days.

  1. After registering as a CSP you must go through a pre-qualification for each connection if you want to submit bids via GOPACS. After your registration in the Market Participants Register you register on the GOPACS platform. To have the pre-qualification done by the grid operator, you submit a list of connection(s) to the GOPACS platform. The grid operator will inform you about the results of the pre-qualification.

Congestion management and the new CSP market role

The grid managers are doing their very best to expand the electrical grid. But sometimes other solutions are possible: allocating available capacity better. In nearly all cases, a connection's maximum capacity is used only a few days each year. The same goes for loads on the grid. With the creation of the CSP role, grid operators can conclude agreements with market participants about how often they can help reduce peak loads and at what rates. Please take note: congestion management is a temporary measure taken in order to tide things over until actual reinforcement of the grid has been achieved. It is a regulated activity that grid operators must perform and is required by the Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (Autoriteit Consument en Markt - ACM).

A CSP can act as an (independent) service provider between the grid operator and the customer/connected party(/parties). This means that if a customer or connected party has flexibility - in the form of wind, solar or storage, or if it has flexibility in its production process - a CSP has the possibility of producing or taking up more or less at times when the grid operator requests this. This market role already exists in Europe. The CSP role is new for the Dutch market.

How does it work?

Congestion management in its current form is a type of market-based solution. This is a solution that is activated when, based on forecasts, the grid's limits are in danger of being exceeded. In this case, a CSP can use one of four 'products' to offer/trade its flexibility (in contract form) to the grid operator in one of the congestion markets: on the basis of re-dispatch, a mandatory-provision contract, a capacity curtailment contract without on-call demand or a capacity curtailment contract with on-call demand via GOPACS. GOPACS (Grid Operator Platform for Congestion Solutions) is the joint platform of Dutch grid operators that brings together supply and demand for flexibility.

The contracts are concluded with the grid operator in your region. Do you want to see an example of any of these contracts or do you have a question about it? Please contact your contact person of send an email to

Care to participate?

Want to contribute to congestion management by offering your flexibility? Then please fill in the expression of interest form and the grid operator will get in touch with you.

More information

Would you first like to ask a question? Then check whether this is adressed on the question and answer page, or contact one of the market participant relationship managers via

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