Registration for access to energy market systems

Registration for access to energy market systems

Are you a new party in the energy market? To enter the central systems in the energy market, registration is required. Click the button below to register.

Why register?

There is a security data policy in place to gain access to the central systems in the energy market. The registration procedure ensures that we send you the right data for your role within the energy market.

What do you need to prepare?

Please make the following preparations before registering, this speeds up the registration process.

You are aware of the agreements in the energy sector

In preparation of your new role in the energy market, please make sure you have read the documents listed below:

  • Informatiecode Elektriciteit en Gas (Electricity and Gas Information Code) (source:
  • Markt- en subprocessen BAS/MMF Retailprocessen (Market processes and subprocesses – BAS/MMF Retail processes) (source: BAS/MMF)

Only for Other Service Providers:

  • Gedragscode ODA’s (Code of Conduct for Other Service Providers) (source: VMNED)

You are prepared for the technical aspects of registration

Parties in the energy market exchange information on a Portal. This exchange takes place via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). You can also use SOAP Webservices (XML) if you prefer. Please decide before registering which method is suitable for your information system.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The default solution for end users is a GUI. End users of market parties can access the services on the Portal with a GUI. The login method ‘single sign-on’ ensures that an user can use multiple services with only one login. It does not require any further technical set-up in your system.

SOAP Webservices (XML)

With SOAP Webservices your information systems will be linked to the central services of EDSN. Additional information about the required technical infrastructure for your system will be provided if you choose this service. Note: ensure that during the technical implementation someone is available and able to:

  • Maintain contact with EDSN's Functional Manager(s)
  • Facilitate the process steps and has knowledge of:
    • the SOAP/XML protocol
    • the use and application of certificates to secure connections

You are an authorized market party or you will soon obtain this market authorization

Depending on your market role, you must register with one of the organisations listed below. This is how you become an approved party in the energy market. It is required to be an approved party to gain access to the central systems. This application can run parallel to your EDSN application.

Market role Explanation Which organisation?
Supplier You need to apply for an energy licence to supply electricity and/or gas to small consumers. More info: Elektriciteitswet 1998 (Electricity Act 1998) and Gaswet (Gas Act) Autoriteit Consument en Markt/ACM (Authority for Consumers and Markets)
Balance Responsible Party Electricity You must apply for a full licence if you require authorisation as a programme manager for connections. More info: Netcode Elektriciteit (Electricity Grid Code) TenneT
Balance Responsible Party Gas You must apply for a B licence to transport Gas to a transfer point that connects to a regional grid operator (RGO exit point). More info: Transportcode Gas LNB (Gas Transport Code – National Grid Operator) Gasunie Transport Service (GTS)
Metering manager You must apply for a licence if you require authorisation as a metering manager. More info: Meetcode elektriciteit (Electricity Measurement Code) and Meetcode Gas RNB (Gas Measurement Code – Regional Grid Operator) TenneT
Owner Closed Distribution System As the owner of an electricity or gas grid, you can apply for exemption from the obligation to appoint a grid operator (if you meet specific legal conditions). More info: Elektriciteitswet 1998 (Electricity Act 1998) and Gaswet (Gas Act). Autoriteit Consument en Markt/ACM (Authority for Consumers and Markets)
Congestion Service Provider (CSP) To use congestion management you must apply for E-recognition. More info: Code amendment decision concerning CSPs en Electrical Grid Code TenneT


Do you have any questions? Please send them Please click the bottom below for registration.

Are you a foreign market party? If so, you can't use eHerkenning when registering. In that case, select registration as a foreign market party

Step 1. Application

Registering with EDSN. You can register by clicking on the button above and submitting the form.

Step 2. Connection with central systems

Set-up the connection between your organisation's local system and EDSN's central systems. Please provide the data required for the connection via web forms and the application for certificates to allow testing.

Step 3. Testing and qualification

Prepare for the qualification procedure that you will carry out in the test environment. Qualification means you can successfully demonstrate that your local system is suitable for correctly and completely exchanging information with EDSN’s central systems. You must also prove that you have enough knowledge of the market processes.

Step 4. Register your market role

Register the market role that you are going to fulfil in the energy market. This registration procedure can run parallel to your application for your market role assignment in the energy market.

Step 5. Energy market entry

Lastly, we register you as a market party in the central systems and inform the national and regional grid operators. We do this once you have successfully completed the EDSN qualification procedure and are in possession of your market role assignment. We will complete the procedure for entering the energy market after ten business days. From this moment, you can act within your new market role.

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