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What is eHerkenning?

The government wants to keep the data of civilians and businesses safe. EDSN (processor) manages central systems on behalf of the joint network operators (controller). According to privacy legislation, the controller and the processor must take technical and organisational measures to ensure that you have secure access to this data.

eHerkenning is a 'digital key' which companies or entrepreneurs can use to securely log in to various organisations. This gives organisations more certainty about the identity of the companies that want access to the central systems. eHerkenning access simplifies doing business online. You use a single means of authentication to log in safely with different organisations. It will no longer be necessary to use a different authentication token for each organisation. You can buy eHerkenning from a commercial supplier.

You need eHerkenning with level

eHerkenning has different levels of confidence: eH1, eH2, eH2+, eH3 and eH4. The higher the confidence level, the more secure and reliable you can log in. You need at least eH3 to gain access to the central communication systems of the Dutch energy market. Do you already have eHerkenning but of level eH1, eH2, or eH2+? Please contact your supplier to adjust your level to a minimum of eH3.

Log in with the correct eHerkenning account

The eHerkenning account you use to log in must be linked to the organisation that fulfills this market role. This is the legal person to whom this license, recognition, or exemption for the market role has been given. You can read here. for which organisation you must register for your market role.

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