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Building a better energy sector

About Partners in Energy

Partners in Energy is an initiative from all regional grid operators. It is the central platform where energy market parties can ask service questions related to marketprocesses with all regional grid operators.

A single gateway for all your questions to the grid operators is an initiative of all national and regional grid operators. It is the central location that partners in market facilitation can turn to for service questions to national and regional grid operators about market processes. The national grid operators play a role in the processes around congestion management and data requests. They can also play a role in specific service requests from, for example, Congestion Service Providers and future Balancing Service Providers where necessary. To get access to Partners in Energy you must first register with EDSN as a market participant.

Check our animation video with an explanation of Partners in Energy's mission and objective.

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Unified and centralised services

With your account at, you can pose your questions quickly and easily via a single gateway to every grid operator or to EDSN. You submit questions by means of a ticket on the portal or via the chat function. Via a secure connection, the portal provides insight into the progress of your request and the response to your request. Furthermore, you see not only your own tickets, but also those from colleagues. The advantage of this is that you need not approach the various regional grid operator separately with your service question. Rapid and efficient. This is one example of how we improve the service to our shared final customer together.

At, you'll also find knowledge articles with handy information about market processes; we share news about topics relevant to you as a partner and you can submit ideas for improving collaboration and service in the area of market facilitation.

Also for business parties

Business parties that do not play a market role in the energy sector can also turn to Partners in Energy. For example, for submitting a customised data request or by participating in congestion management and thus making smarter use of the energy grid.

Energy sector central platform

Two-thirds of market parties are already using the portal and more and more business parties are finding us. Wondering what we can do for you?

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Our 6 customer promises

You can reach our service channels 24/7

You can always turn to for questions, news and knowledge about market facilitation.

You can rely on us

We make clear agreements and we honour them. You will receive confirmation of these agreements.

You always get the right answer to your question

We always respond to your questions. And if we can't answer your question in one go? Then we respond as quickly as possible with the right answer.

You always know what you can expect

You have insight into the progress of the process and know the next steps precisely. This way, you always know whether you yourself need to take action.

You understand what we're talking about

We use easily understandable language. We make things as easy as possible. Our communication is custom-made for you.

You know what you can turn to us for

With a single gateway for all your questions, your question always ends up with the right employee.

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Want to use the platform?

Do you also want to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition and good cooperation in the sector? Then create an account on Partners in Energy.

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