Partners in Energy
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Building a better energy sector

For whom

Partners in Energy is a central platform for the energy sector, designed to promote cooperation between market players and business parties.

Together we build a better energy market

At Partners in Energy, we are jointly committed to efficient and effective cooperation in the energy sector. In doing so, we encourage energy transition and improve market facilitation.

Use of the portal is intended for all parties in the energy sector:

  • Energy Suppliers
  • Congestion Service Providers
  • Balance Responsible Parties
  • Metering Responsible Parties
  • Independent Service Providers
  • Closed Distribution Systems
  • Network Operators

Two-thirds of market facilitation partners already use the portal. They ask their questions, submit requests, gain knowledge and contribute ideas there. In addition, they stay up to date with the latest developments. Read more about the benefits of the platform for the various parties below.

Market participants

To guide the energy transition, Partners in Energy has been facilitating the energy market since 2019. Partners in Energy optimises the processes between all market players and the regional grid operators.

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Commercial parties

Is energy data important to your organisation or company? Can you or do you wish to make a contribution to the energy transition? Then Partners in Energy is the right place for you.

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Partners in Energy is a collaborative partnership among commercial (market) parties in the energy sector.

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