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Commercial parties

Is energy data important to your organisation or company? Can you or do you wish to make a contribution to the energy transition? Then Partners in Energy is the right place for you.

Together we make the energy transition possible

Partners in Energy is a collaborative partnership among various commercial parties in the energy market. Consider companies with contracted capacities of 100 kW or more, for example, or regional or national governmental bodies or advisory organisations.

You can turn to us for data on energy consumption or on infrastructure, such as cabling. We have openly accessible data. But you can also submit a data request. Furthermore, as a 'partner in energy' (through cooperation with grid operators), you can contribute to the energy transition in the area of congestion management by offering flexibility. After all, contracted capacity also has value.

With a Partners in Energy account, you have access to current information about these services and are kept informed of the most recent news about market facilitation and the energy transition. You can read and share thoughts on our knowledge platform about current issues related to the energy transition. This way, we cooperate on the development and improvement of our services.

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