Partners in Energy
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Building a better energy sector


At Partners in Energy, we offer a number of services that enhance cooperation in the energy sector. Read more about our range of services here.

Working together to accelerate energy transition

At Partners in Energy, we are jointly committed to efficient and effective cooperation in the energy sector. In doing so, we promote energy transition and improve market facilitation. Watch the video with a brief explanation of Partners in Energy. Below the video is an overview of our services. Click on a service for more information.

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Idea Forum

Anyone with acces to Partners in energy can add new ideas or support ideas of others.

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Market process interactions

Facilitating uniform, safe and fast interaction between grid operators and market participants is the core task of Partners in Energy.

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Knowledge and news

On Partners in Energy, you will find current posts and information related to various topics and market processes.

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Contact person: registration and management

The registry of contact persons is the central registry for the energy sector that records the appropriate contact person for important market processes for each market participant.

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Congestion management interest form

Business parties can indicate their interest in congestion management via our interest form.

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Data and data request

Through Partners in Energy, you can access open energy data or request a specific dataset.

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Market participants: registration and management

Partners in Energy is the place where all new market participants can register. Read how it works here.

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