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Sample contracts and fees

Congestion management arrangements are recorded in a contract with a Congestion Service Provider (CSP) or with your grid operator.

There are two types of congestion management contracts: a bid obligation contract and a capacity limitation contract. A bid obligation contract can only be taken out with a Congestion Service Provider (CSP).

Two types of contract

1. Redispatch (with and without bid obligation contract)

Grid operators place their daily orders for flexible capacity on GOPACS, the platform that helps reduce congestion on the power grid. The CSP subsequently submits a bid on an energy trading platform that is connected to GOPACS.

2. Capacity limitation contract

The transmission limit is changed temporarily to prevent the grid from becoming overloaded. This can be done either at fixed times or as and when needed with one day’s notice (day ahead). For more information and sample contracts, see below on this page.

Sample contracts

The contracts state the extent of the flexibility offered, the fee, and the times of day when the customer agrees to temporarily use more or less energy. See the sample contracts for details of how this works.

Bid obligation contract (only available through a CSP):

Capacity limitation contract (through a CSP or directly with the grid operator):

In January 2024, the first version of the capacity limitation contract was replaced with an updated version and explanatory notes on several specific points were added. The differences between the first and the second version are explained in the document entitled ‘Verschillen Capaciteitsbeperkingscontract V2 vs V1’ (‘Differences between capacity limitation contract V2 and V1’).

Fees in case of ‘non-market-based congestion management'

When unjustifiably high fees are charged for mandatory participation in congestion management, the grid operator will reduce these fees to a regulated, market-competitive level. These fees will then apply to all participants in the congestion area for the duration of the congestion management measures.

Download the fee list here.

Please note: When the grid operator decides to implement ‘non-market-based congestion management’, bids can only be submitted through a Congestion Service Provider (CSP). Download the infographic showing all the congestion management phases here.

More information

If you have a question about the contracts, please ask your contact at the grid operator, or send an email to [email protected]. For any other questions, see the Q&A on this website.